Student-Centered Approach – review

Here are my thoughts on my student-centered learning article titled the  “10 ways to get student-centered learning right”.

When I read this article, I was reminded of a “spark” – an idea –  of a student-focused education program that I had the privilege of being part of.  I would love to implement it here in Winnipeg, and perhaps even at the College.

Years ago, I created Conservation School at a nature preserve that I worked at in Calgary.  It was modeled after the Campus Calgary Open  Minds program, and  involved making a community site “home” to a classroom of students (public elementary and secondary schools) for a full week.  When I was working to develop this,  now 10 years ago, the entire program started with 4 sites in Calgary and has now grown to 15 there, and more across the globe.

I think we were on the right track!

The article reminded me – that we have a struggling education system, but there are programs that work and we should draw from them to make a change.

Here are the top“10 ways to get student-centered learning right”.

  • Turn teachers into facilitators and coaches
  • Push students to apply their knowledge
  • Give teachers the resources and support they need
  • Establish rules ( boundaries)
  • Change the feedback process
  • Get the families on board
  • Offer extended learning opportunities
  • Re-define the metrics of success
  • Divide the principalship (change the leadership structure)

My favorite excerpts from the article:

Say no the bank – “Paulo Freire’s famous critique of the “Banking Model of Education” — the model in which knowledge is a resource that students passively withdraw from the bank (teacher) without active engagement…”

Keep it simple stupid – “Student-centered approaches can mean many different things, as long as they employ that essential pivot from teacher to student-lead learning.”

Just start somewhere!


2 thoughts on “Student-Centered Approach – review

  1. I love your description of the nature preserve “classroom”. Talk about maximizing the opportunities for “teachable moments”! Your visual of the sunset, road, prairie landscape and tire rutted foreground is also very engaging. Would you tell me more about your choice?

    • Hi Roy – I think I chose the article because it was a top 10. I like lists – things laid out in bite sized pieces – so I can take action on what I have read easily.

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