Tech in the classroom

The technologies I would use in my work are the Wiki, Powtoon and WordPress. I tend to cross over a lot of hardware, whether it is the iPhone, iPad, PC or Blackberry. So I use a different set of tools to design and create communications depending on the platform. Most of the work I do is for the Colleges blog and Facebook page.

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I recently create my own Powtoon video-lets see if you can get it rolling:

I started my first blog 3 years ago, but  I have not done a whole lot recently.  I am starting an art business and I can see a lot of use for many of these tools. My husband has taken up a business in career advising and is working a blog on WordPress.

I like all of this technology, but I also get consumed by it. Sometimes I get so involved with it – I don’t get up and move for hours. I don’t think that is good either.

Those are my thoughts for today.





2 thoughts on “Tech in the classroom

  1. Sue, well done! A very nicely laid out page! You obviously see this a great venue and it shows! Just a couple of questions though; Do you see this as a valuable instructional tool? And why, why not? Great work!

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